How to open any Wikipedia article in iOS Safari with Das Referenz.

You have to create a bookmarklet in iOS Safari.

  1. Add a bookmark in Safari and save it to the desired folder.
  2. Locate this bookmark and edit it.
  3. Paste the javascript call into the URL field. Save the bookmark.

Javascript call (as of April 2014 for version 1.1):
javascript:(function(){var hostnameComponents=window.location.hostname.split(".");var pathnameComponents=window.location.pathname.split("/");var lang=hostnameComponents[0];var domain=hostnameComponents[1];var article=pathnameComponents[2];if(lang!==""&&article!==""&&domain==="wikipedia"){"dasReferenz://"+lang+"/"+article)}else{alert("This does not seem to be a Wikipedia page you're currently looking at.")}})();
You can find the javascript call for the latest version here:

To open a Wikipedia article in iOS Safari with Das Referenz, simply tap the bookmark you created. 

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